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Are you tired of dealing with unethical & toxic employees?
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Why employee background verification check is important?

A bad hire negatively impacts your company’s overall productivity & also the morale of your current staff.

With our employee background check services, you can prevent a bad hire/ toxic employee from joining your organization and can be aware of following indicators before they join you:

Know Stability Factor of an Employee

Be aware of Employee’s Performance

Know about Leadership Skills and Responsibility

Be aware of their Work Ethics and Attitude towards work

Unique Features

Data Driven Hiring Decisions

Data Driven Hiring Decisions

Our unique and detailed Employee Verification process, paves the path for a better hiring decision. We eliminate employer bias and provides you with detailed background data about the candidates.

Employability Index

Employability Index

We cross-check candidates for the parameters that matters the MOST; like commitment to work, stability, leadership skills etc. Our unique algorithm generates “Employability Index” summarising important hiring factors.

Augment Company Culture

Augment Company Culture

Hiring candidates with GetRefCheck’s verification process has helped multiple IT/ ITES companies augment a better culture in their organisation and increase employee retention. Our focus is to help you find a true team player.

Confidentiality Intact

Confidentiality Intact

Unlike Glassdoor; where anyone can rant unverified and biased reviews about any company, we at GetRefCheck promote and respect both Candidate’s and Organisation’s privacy.

Pre-Employment Background Check

How it works?

Our unique proof-based, Pre Employment Background Check assures a high degree of reliable and genuine background information about a candidate.

Current Employer requests a reference

After account approval, current employer requests a reference check for a given candidate.

We notify Ex-Employer

Ex-Employer submits the reference data & feedback with genuine evidences/proofs.

GetRefCheck team verifies the reference

Our team of experts verifies the reference evidences/proofs for its authenticity.

Current Employer gets notified

Current employer receives the reference check to make better & informed hiring decisions.

Organizations choose us for

Data Driven Hiring Decisions

Hiring Stable Candidates

Access to information like work experience, ethics, behavior, responsibilities, etc. Assist in hiring stable & verified candidates.

Data Driven Hiring Decisions

Easy Background Verification

With GetRefCheck, it’s easy to get started and submit employee background check in less than 10 minutes.

Data Driven Hiring Decisions

Trustworthy Information

Our Pre-Employment Background check ensures that candidate’s information is credible, verified and accurate.

Doing a Reference check is FREE on GetRefCheck
but NOT doing a reference check at
all may COST YOU A LOT.



It’s an apt and need of the hour tool. With lots of job opportunities available, candidates are hopping companies without notice and just for few thousand bucks. This might put a rein on such incidents.

StartHub Nation

GetRefCheck solved the problem which is prevalent in IT/ ITES industry. Candidates blame companies and vice versa, but with GetRefCheck we were able to get genuine background checks. Keep it up guys!!

KRA Infosystem

They addressed the pain point of many small IT companies. We now have a tool at least to verify if we are hiring a reliable and stable candidate or not. A great initiative in this direction.

Net IT Systems

It's becoming increasingly hard to find good manpower these days. With a quick & easy background verification process, we now have some assurance that we are hiring a verified candidate.

Caught In the Funnel

A much needed platform for small companies to help filter bad apples. It’s easy for my HRs to understand how it works. GetRefCheck gives cues at every step which we find very helpful.

The Duft

Let the Data Speak,
Hire with Confidence

100+ organizations have already registered and taken advantage
of our employment background check services. Last month,
more than 150 background checks were submitted on GetRefCheck.
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You can get verified and genuine information on the candidate’s performance, reason for quitting, salary/ remuneration, employment duration, behaviour at workplace, stability, soft skills level, work ethics and many more factors.
GetRefCheck is FREE (no hidden charges and no credit card required at any step). Currently, the services are available only to small and medium IT/ ITES enterprises. It's easy to Get started on GetRefCheck and submit reference checks for your new and existing employees.
A typical pre employment background checks should take about 2 to 4 business days to complete, depending on the response time of the ex-employer/ previous company. However, at GetRefCheck we try our best to get you the verification as soon as possible.
Pre employment background checks are done to ensure that the information provided by the candidate like work experience, salary, ethics, behaviour with colleagues, stability and responsibilities towards his/ her job, is accurate or not.
It helps you choose the right candidates that fits your company’s culture and thus reduces employee attrition rates.
GetRefCheck is an amazing tool to help you verify an employee’s background for FREE.